Student Voting Participation in 2018 Midterm Elections

Election participation is considered to have significant value because it allows for people to have a voice in who gets elected into important government positions. There are many reasons as to why some students will be voting in the midterm elections and why some students are choosing not to vote. The choice can often be decided on something as simple as not knowing where or how to vote because how to correctly participate in elections is not something that is widely taught. If this is someone’s first election that they have been allegeable to vote in, they might be overwhelmed with how to register to vote, where to go to vote, and who to vote for. Student’s can decide to not to participate at all in the elections because the voting process is difficult.

The current midterm election is considered to be a very important election because presently both the House of Representatives and the Senate are controlled by the republican party. In this midterm election there is an opportunity to vote for new members of the House of Representatives and new members of the Senate. If students do not agree with what has been happening politically under the republican administration, then their vote is their opportunity to influence change.

Student Voting: Did you vote or do you plan on voting? Why or why not?

Sophia Mitchell, Junior

“Yes, I voted. I voted because I want to make a difference.”

Dylan Kester, Graduate Student

“I voted. For me voting has always been the way that I can help on a bigger scale.”

Megan Looney, Senior

“Yes, I voted because our world is awful right now.”

German Romero-Rosales, Senior

“No, I don’t believe in it because I think that it’s unfair that United States territories cannot vote.”

Jill Smith, Graduate Student

“I voted early. I believe that voting is important because women fought for our right to vote. To create change, we must have an active voice in our elections to ensure a future for the next generations.”

Matt Gavan, Senior

“No I haven’t voted and no I don’t plan on voting because I don’t know where to go in Silver City to vote.”

Chloe Mydlowski, Junior

“I already voted because elections are able to best hear my opinion.”

Savannah Lueras, Senior

“I was going to but I forgot to absentee vote before it was too late.

Eric Lowe, Graduate Student

“No, I haven’t voted yet because I was at work for most of the day. I plan on voting because I think it’s important to have a voice.”

Amanda Hutchinson, Senior

“Yes, I sent in my ballot early!”

If you are a Western New Mexico University student interested in the election process or are interested in learning how to become more involved, come to the Miller Library tonight from 5:00pm to 9:00pm for an election night party to watch the election!

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