Students compete in Survey Says during Homecoming Week

Mustangs were shouting answers across Light Hall Theater on Monday as they participated in Survey Says, a Family Feud type-game, the second event for Homecoming Week.

Two teams of four, faced each other to try to guess what 100 college students across the nation said when they were surveyed. The crowd was very interactive, screaming answers to the participants up on stage.  Throughout the event, student enthusiasm was very high with students clapping, cheering, screaming, and simply enjoying and having a great time with their friends and fellow Mustangs.

The host provided a great night for all the Mustangs that attended the event. He was extremely interactive and provided a good amount of suspense at various moments throughout the event. In the first round, the blue team destroyed the red team with a score of 568 to 0. For the second round, a whole new group of students went up to the stage. This time around, the red team made a comeback with a score of 369 to 122. The third round, again composed by a new group of students, went back to the blue team with a winning score of 279 to 158. At last, there was a final round between the top two scores, the blue team with 568 points against the red winning team with 369 points. This final round was extremely close with a score of 272 to 257 in favor of the blue team.

The top winning team had the great prize of a Firestick for every member of the team. The second winning team won an Echo Dot for each of the members as well. Even the crowd had chances to get prizes. Throughout the event, the host would bounce plastic balls into the crowd and whoever managed to get one would be able to choose a prize. The prizes went from lanyards to water bottles to shirts. Overall, the event had a great turnout and everyone had a wonderful time. A great start for this year’s Homecoming Week.

At the end of the event, the host shared his thoughts about WNMU students as a crowd, participants, and organizers. He described our students as awesome and said they were lit. He was very grateful that Mustang Entertainment brought him and he was able to give a show to us. He mentioned that coming from Austin, Texas was tiring, and yet the Mustangs made it worth it with their enthusiasm and participation.

Some students that attended the event also shared some thoughts of the night and here is what they said:

Sergio Beltran, an international student completing his senior year, stated, “The event was really fun! It’s nice to see that the student fees are going to a good place and I’m able to take advantage of it. It was a fun experience, overall.”

Estrella Sicairos, a member of Mustang Entertainment said, “I thought this game was very fun! The event was interactive, and we are able to have a bunch of different students who normally wouldn’t be together on stage.”

Rachel Francisco, a student athlete, commented to us, “I thought this event was cool because I don’t actually go out to these things. I was able to come and watch my teammate get up there. It was fun watching her and have us all have fun together.”

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Luis Chavez is from Douglas, Arizona. Chavez, is a Science Education major. Chavez loves to eat ceeal and play videogames. You can reach him at The.Mustang@wnmu.edu.