Housing Dodge Ball

Students Dodge Balls at Intramural Event

On Tuesday, October 15, Student Life hosted its first dodge ball game in the Intramural Gym.  There were two teams of five people, Team A and Team B. The first round was won by the A Team.  The second round finished off one against one. It was Gerald Davis, football coach, against Xavier Saunders, freshman football team member.  Davis hit Saunders, making a win for the B team. The third round was won again by the A team. The overall points of the housing dodge ball league are the following:

  • Muir Heights- 1
  • Mustang A- 1
  • Mustang B- 1
  • Mustang C- 0
  • Centennial- 0

The event will be every Tuesday, throughout five weeks. You can represent your residence hall as a team member in upcoming weeks. To sign up, visit the Office of Student Life, located in the Brancheau PE Complex. 

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