Students Enjoy International Balloon Fiesta

Students Enjoy International Balloon Fiesta

The annual International Balloon Fiesta ended on Sunday, October 13 and several Mustangs made the trip up to Albuquerque to experience the event. More than 500 hot air balloons are released over a two-week period, colorfully decorating the Albuquerque sky.

WNMU student Araceli Sanchez was one of many Mustangs to visit Albuquerque on Saturday. “I didn’t know what to think or expect of the event because I had only heard of it two weeks before it would happen. I just wanted to watch a lot of balloons in the air. I, definitely, would recommend to it everyone. It’s an experience that you cannot have everywhere. It isn’t expensive and it’s impressive to see how that inflate and lift the hot air balloons. It’s just amazing,” Sanchez said.

Araceli Sanchez

“I think the event was very fascinating. I loved watching each balloon rise, little by little. When I looked up, the sky looked beautiful with balloons of different colors and shapes. I would recommend the balloon fiesta to everyone because it is an event where you have a lot of fun,” said student Karla Arce.

Karla Arce

International student Tadeo Araiza, enjoyed it so much he plans to attend again with family. “The balloons were awesome! People from all around the world were gathered just to attend the event. Seeing the people and balloons all over was such a beautiful scene! This was my first time attending it, but I know that I will in the future. I would recommend this event to all of my friends and family. It was such a great experience and I want all of my loved ones to share the same experience as me.”


The balloon fiesta is a yearly event that lasts nine days. The 2020 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta will occur October 3-11.