Diamante Poems

Students from Calvary Christian Academy present Diamante Poems

On Monday, January 20, students from Calvary Christian Academy exhibited their Diamante Poems in Light Hall Theater. This occurred at the annual Martin Luther King Day Celebration. The Diamante Poems are poems that start with a word representing a concept and ends with the opposite of the first word. These poems are shaped into a diamond. The 12th grade students wrote these poems to symbolize what Martin Luther King Jr. fought for in the Civil Rights Movement. Brandon Bencomo introduced the poems to the audience and gave a background on what the poems represent.

The first poem was “Peace and War” by Anita Sosaya. 



Love, United

Change, Dream, Honor

Movement, Freedom, Conflict, Injustice

Struggle, Hurt, Discrimination

Race, Violence



The next poem was “Neglected and Wanted” by Haley Jaquez.


Abandoned, Omitted

Segregated, Discriminated, Abhorred

Misery, Endurance, Prosperous, Embraced

Protected, Valued, Excepted

Cherished, Appreciated


The third poem was by Julia Mathieu called “Captivity and Freedom”.


Imprisonment, Bondage

Oppressed, Neglected, Isolated

Chains, Broken, Freed, Delivered

Healed, Supported, Beloved

Independence, Liberation



The final poem was “injustice and Justice” by Jesse Jasso.


Defeated, Helpless

Conflict, Captive, Struggle

Evil, Sorrow, Love, Bravery

Acceptance, Release, Perseverance

Ambitious, Victorious


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