Students participate in service learning through Mustangs Care programs

3rd Year Mexico Trip

On Wednesday, October 9, several WNMU students delivered a presentation, sharing their recent experiences with Mustangs Care initiatives. Mustangs Care is a program led by the Department of Student Life with the goal of improving student experiences through real-life opportunities. These opportunities help students realize their purpose in society while helping out communities with a

The People’s Procession Hopes to Bring Unity and Love to Silver City


Silver City, NM- At noon on January 21st, the People’s Procession will walk across Silver City. The goal of the event, organized by Jim McIntosh and the People’s Procession Organizers, is to take a stand for diversity, compassion and justice, in a show of unity. The procession will start at La Capilla at 1pm and

Let’s Talk About…Anything


Silver City NM- Let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about relationships, let’s talk about who we are. For the past few years WNMU has been home to the Gender Equity Center, otherwise known as The Center. It is located about a block from campus and many students go there for a number reasons. For some,

Death in the Black Patch: WNMU Instructor Publishes First Novel


Silver City NM- Western New Mexico University’s own Bruce Wilson has a novel coming out this September. Wilson, an Adjunct Assistant Professor of American History at the University will be debuting his novel, Death in the Black Patch. Wilson will have a signing on September 21, at Tre Rosat in Silver City, NM. The signing

Las Cruces Bookstores Donate Books to Newly Created “Campus Library” at WNMU Deming


Deming, NM- The Deming Branch of Western New Mexico University has recently created a “campus library” called “Take a Book and/or Leave a Book” in an effort to encourage reading for pleasure to students and their families. Kenneth Leupold, director of the Deming branch, has set up a number of bookshelves in various locations in

Student Safety: SANE Services Restored to Grant County


Editor’s Note: This press release was sent to us by Kendra Milligan, the Coordinator for GRMC Community Health Partnerships. What follows is important information for all members of Western New Mexico University.  Silver City, New Mexico, January 25, 2016: Silver Regional Sexual Assault Support Services (SRSASS) has restored local medical treatment and trauma care for anyone who

Welding Instructor Offers $1,000 Reward for Stolen Equipment


Silver City, NM- On Thursday, January 14, there was a break-in at the Western New Mexico University Welding Shop, where trespasser’s stole an as yet undetermined amount of welding equipment. Instructor Ray Garcia is offering a $1,000 cash reward to anyone that has any information that can lead to the capture of the offenders and

WNMU Christian Challenge Offers Great Things For Students

high noon 2015

Silver City, NM- The WNMU Christian Challenge is a club that you probably haven’t heard much about.  The Challenge has a number of weekly activities that students can engage in, including Weekly Bible Studies on Wednesday Nights starting at 8:30 as well as a High-Noon lunch, which is all you can eat for either $2

CALLING ALL WRITERS: Undergraduate Writing Contest

Dr. Nelson

Do you like to write? No, not boring newspaper articles! Things like poetry or short stories? If that’s the case, the Undergraduate Writing Contest might be something worth checking out. The contest, which is being run by Dr. Michael Ann Nelson and Dr. Austin Tremblay of the Humanities Department, offers undergraduates taking at least 6

Marketing Club Presents: Mustang Talent Show


Silver City, NM- Maybe you hadn’t realized it yet but many WNMU students have real, bona fide talent and it was showcased in an amazing and diverse line up at Light Hall Theater on Wednesday the 29th. The WNMU Marketing Club hosted the Mustang Talent Show, held in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Students