Let’s Talk About…Anything


Silver City NM- Let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about relationships, let’s talk about who we are. For the past few years WNMU has been home to the Gender Equity Center, otherwise known as The Center. It is located about a block from campus and many students go there for a number reasons. For some,

Actor and Comedian Ian Harvie Performs for Glam Week at WNMU


Silver City, NM – Transgender men and women have been in the spotlight of the media recently fighting for acceptance and trying to educate the public on who they are. For any reader who might not know, a transgender person is anyone who identifies with a sex different from the sex that they were assigned

The Center Presents: The Dragalicious Lip-Sync Battle


Silver City, NM – As part of The Center of Gender Equity’s Glam Week, a Dragalicious Lip-Sync Battle and Show was put on at Light Hall on Wednesday night. Students and staff members performed for a packed house while dressed in full drag, with special performances by Augusta Wind, Summer Osborne, Mona Little, and Raul

Summer Osborne Returns to WNMU


Silver City, NM – On Tuesday October 20, Summer Osborne came all the way from Vandalia, Illinois to make her second appearance at WNMU. Summer came to WNMU last May to perform at the Center of Gender Equity as part of Summer Osborne and Sarah McCracken’s Left Coast Tour of Epic Mind Blowing Awesomeness. Dr.