Students with Power: Register for ASWNMU Elections


Students who believe in the power of the voice of the students and want to make positive changes on campus should consider running for office in this year’s election for an Associated Students of Western New Mexico University student government position. ASWNMU represents the students’ interests, safeguards academic freedom and student rights, provides campus events

Examining Beauty Standards for College Women: Part 1

beauty standards part 1

Many women spend a significant amount of time altering their appearance with makeup and hair styling tools to attempt to fit the societal standard for what a woman ‘should’ look like. Gender expectations have taught us to believe that women must always look beautiful. This can be an expensive as well as a time consuming

Great Race 52 Preview: Featuring LeShauntai Adams

great race 52

Great Race is one of Western’s greatest traditions and this will be Western’s fifty-second Great Race. Great Race brings amazing vibes to many of the students on campus throughout the week. Students have the opportunity to make their own team and participate in fun events during the week with their team. The week also includes

One-Day Exhibit: Items Showcasing Racism, Featuring Khalid El-Hakim


On Thursday February 28th, Western New Mexico University hosted a one-day exhibit for Black History Month. The exhibit was to show off all the trials and tribulations African-Americans face daily. It also showed all the racial slander that is displayed in our world today towards black individuals. The wise man in charge of this exhibit

Great Race 2018 – Spartan Race


Silver City, NM – Great Race kicks off their third event of the week with the exhilarating Spartan Race, an obstacle course focusing on speed. Hosted by Mustang Entertainment and The Center for Gender Equity, the obstacle race begins with the contestants slipping on women’s high heels and lipstick, before (literally) running errands such as

Dylan Kester Runs for ASWNMU Vice President

dylan (1)

Silver City, N.M.- Dylan Kester holds the current position of Pro Temp on the ASWNMU Student Senate, but come next fall he’s aiming a little higher and returning to his seat at Vice President of ASWNMU. With this transition, Dylan begins his fourth year with WNMU’s Student Government. Dylan has always sought to be a

Jeffrey Arrington Runs for ASWNMU Senate


Silver City, NM- Jeffrey Arrington is a Nursing Major originally from Deming, NM that is running for a position in Student Senate for the very first time. Jeffrey’s prime motivation for running is to help the students. He noticed that WNMU was already very expensive due to student fees and does not want to see