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Taylor Allison on Strong African Americans in Today’s Society

Taylor Allison is a senior at Western New Mexico University majoring in Cellular Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She is from Frisco, Texas. Allison is a team member of the Lady Mustang basketball team. Her position on the court is center.

The Mustang Newspaper Staff interviewed Allison in one of an ongoing series of Black History Month articles. 

Q: Who has been a hero(es) in your life? Why? 

A: My hero, to this day, will always be my mom. She’s always finds a way to show up for my brothers or me whenever we need her. Every day she fights the physical pains that she received from past injuries, playing sports when she was younger. No matter the situation, she always tries to find the good in it. Her everyday positivity through her many faces of adversity is the reason I am who I am today.

Q: Have you ever experienced racism, and how did you react to the situation? How have those events affected your life?

A: Thankfully, I haven’t experienced any form of racism in my lifetime. My parents worked hard to make sure that my siblings and I didn’t grow up in the same type of area they did when they were younger. Where they grew up in was filled with racial hate, and every day, they were the victim of that hate.

Q: What are your thoughts about the state of African Americans/ Black people today?

A: The state of African Americans today is kind of scary. Every day, there is news about African Americans being killed or coming up missing. There’s no secret about police brutality. Although I personally never experienced it, these videos or testimonies of people who survived these encounters are still real. What these police officers can potentially do and get away with is the reason why I fear them even though I never experienced it.

Q: How does it feel to be a successful person here at WNMU?

A: It, honestly, feels great! Being successful here makes me feel like I can achieve all the goals that I have set in front of me.

Q: What is one word that sums up your thoughts on African Americans/Black people? 

A: A single word that describes African Americans would be Strong. Strong is defined as the ability to withstand great force or pressure. African Americans from the start have been dealing with a significant amount of pressure or force. Many people would crack under the amount of pressure given, but for many African Americans, they channeled they’re pressure and came out great. This is why we have many famous African American celebrities, our first African American president, and many other influential historical figures.

Q: Why should we keep celebrating Black History Month?

A: Black History month gives everyone a chance to celebrate the historic leaders of the black community, privileges we have gained, and opportunities to highlight the best and worst of black history and culture. 

To learn more about Black History month events, visit the Department of Student Life or contact Student.Life@wnmu.edu

Taylor Allison with Friends and Family
Taylor Allison with Friends and Family
WNMU Girls Basketball Team
WNMU Girls Basketball Team
Taylor Allison and Family
Taylor Allison and Family

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