Students enjoyed a meal this past Tuesday

The Center Gives Home-Cooked Meal to Students

Silver City, NM- Western New Mexico University’s student population come from different places and backgrounds, and from cities and towns that are hours away or across the state. There is no doubt that students can get a feeling of homesickness from being away from home; however, there’s no better remedy for this than a slow home cooked meal.

Members of The Center of Gender Equity offer their cozy site and a home cooked potluck for the students of WNMU, prepared by the faculty of WNMU, every 4th Tuesday of the month. Besides the comfort of food, the Center also wants to offer an alternative opportunity for student’s who are finishing class late during that day.

Dr. Emma Bailey, co-director of the Center stated, “We just open up a space for students to hang out and make sure they are getting enough to eat.” Last Tuesdays menu included a delicious variety of meatballs, bread, salad, and baked zucchini. And to finish it off, some sprinkled vanilla cake and cheesecake– All prepared by the WNMU faculty.

Dr. Bailey also took the chance to speak about the anticipated GLAM Week this year. GLAM Week offers events such as panels, concerts, and everyone’s favorite– The Drag Show! Stay tuned for fun activities hosted by the Center on October 10 to the 13.

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