The First International Meeting of Universities Held At WNMU

The First International Meeting of Universities Held At WNMU

Silver City NM- Western New Mexico University is gearing up for a big week as 16 universities from various states in Mexico and Costa Rica will be heading to campus to talk about collaborations with the University’s many departments. Specifically these universities are coming together not only to be partners, but to develop a curriculum that will allow students the opportunity for an international degree. Mexican States such as Sinaloa and Chiapas are represented this week among many other University’s that are willing to dedicate their time and resources to such an undertaking.

According to sources some of the agreements are general and will be used in different departments around campus while others are more focused agreements between specific universities and departments. The Language Institute is one such facet of campus that will be signing special agreements on Friday, allowing for collaborations to move forward.

Also occurring this week is the launch of a new idea: a degree that will not boost the economy, but one that lead the way in international degrees. The concept is eco-tourism and it can open up doors for international degrees as well as benefit the economy. During the week, a meeting of the minds will occur and a strategic plan will be put in place to develop the curriculum for this new and innovative program.

Among the other events planned, Dr. Magdaleno Manzanarez will be handing out books at the final luncheon; some of the members present were co-authors on the project and WNMU will be honoring them for their efforts.

This and more to come this week as WNMUs Department of External Affairs and Applied Technology, along with all other departments welcome the opportunity to grow and collaborate on a international scale.