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The University Foundation is an independent non-profit organization established in 1982 to support WNMU. It was first launched by community members and alumni who wanted to provide support to students. The University Foundation manages the administration, distribution, and management of private contributions, gifts and donations to meet the needs and to benefit WNMU students, faculty, staff, facilities and operations which are not fulfilled through state and federal assistance.  The University Foundation receives support from volunteers from the community and alumni who assist with the administering of all the funds received at the University Foundation following the guidelines set by donors and committees. 

The Mustang Newspaper asked George Turner, Scholarship and Fund Account Coordinator, a few questions to better understand the organization and how it supports students.

Q: How can students benefit from WNMU Foundation privately funded scholarships?

A: The primary student benefit of privately funded scholarships is the financial assistance that helps eliminate their student debt. Awards are credited directly to a student’s business account to assist with their educational endeavors and to ensure that their financial obligations are met. In addition to financial assistance, a student benefits by receiving recognition, and a sense of achievement. They are also given opportunities to meet gracious donors and to participate in annual Foundation events. Not to mention, receiving a scholarship is a great addition to a student’s resume. 

Q: Who can qualify for WNMU Foundation privately funded scholarships?

A: All students who successfully complete and submit a scholarship application are considered eligible to receive a scholarship. Applications received within the priority submission time period, October 1 through January 31, will be given priority review. The scholarship application remains open and students may continue to apply until each scholarship is fully awarded. Students are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as they met the specified criteria for and encouraged to apply annually. Scholarship application review is highly competitive and awards are not guaranteed.   

Q: What opportunities do students have?

A: Though student scholarships are one of the most visible opportunities and support provided by the university Foundation, the Foundation supports many areas of the University, the Grant County community and surrounding regions. Through program activities, department funds, student government, community participation and sponsorships. We host several events and fundraisers throughout an academic year that offers students opportunities to volunteer, earn service learning hours, and interact with donors and other high profile community business people and leaders. Some examples of primary activities are Scholarship Gala, Scholarship Luncheon, Thank-A-Thon activities, President’s Society events and presentations, and Hats in the Garden.

Q: What is your favorite part of working for the Foundation?

A:  Personally, I enjoy assisting students through the process every step I am able to. As the scholarship coordinator, it is my intention to help them understand that putting the effort into the scholarship process will ultimately aid them when selecting a career path upon graduation. And as a fellow alum, it’s a privilege to be able to award each student as they are selected. Because, being selected as a foundation scholarship recipient is an honor and achievement students should be proud of. 

For a complete list of our more than 150 private scholarships, with key dates and how to apply, click on the following link.

 Picture1 Available Foundation Scholarships – WNMU Foundation

P.O. Box 1158 Silver City, NM 88062

George Turner

Scholarship & Fund Account Coordinator

Ph. 575-538-6691

For more information call or email George Turner, Scholarship and Fund Account Coordinator at 575-538-6691 or 

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