Vice President Brundage Upset After Being Left Out of Delta Mu Delta’s “Balduary” Event

Silver City, NM- On Monday, March 20, Delta Mu Delta finally held their long-delayed “Balduary” event in which nineteen men volunteered to have their heads shaved on behalf of men’s health. Sadly, Vice President of Student Affairs Isaac Brundage was not among them, leaving the Vice President feeling a little left out.

The event, hosted by the International Honors Society of Business Administration and Management, raked in over $800 and also left hair all over the floor of the Student Memorial Building. Participants included Benjamin Cline, David Cota and Michael Acosta. However, Mr. Brundage was nowhere to be found.

“I was shocked that Mr. Brundage wasn’t even considered for the event,” Rhonda McCall, Mr. Brundage’s admin assistant, stated. “I truly believe that this will be a grudge he may carry for quite some time.  I feel stuck in the middle, considering I am a Delta Mu Delta, myself.  Talk about putting my job in jeopardy.  I hope Delta Mu Delta can make this right!”

Brundage himself was distraught over the snub. “After not being selected, I had to seek counseling,” Brundage said. “My counselor said this has escalated my case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This has also affected my self-esteem and my views on life. I think I am going to start wearing a toupee.”

The Mustang wishes Mr. Brundage luck in selecting the right wig. Delta Mu Delta’s president could not be reached for a comment.



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