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WNMU Cheer connects with community, brings school spirit

WNMU Cheer is an independent, nonprofit organization. Sarita Reyes is head coach and Victoria Arganda is the assistant coach. The team consists of eight girls including captain Alycia Jacquez. The WNMU Cheer coaches are trying to pursue funding through the university which will help them to provide all team members uniforms and a proper opportunity to try out for the team. WNMU Cheers’ first fundraiser was the Cheer Camp earlier in the school year where cheer members recruited girls from the ages three and up to teach them the basics of cheerleading. The Cheer Camp and WNMU Cheer participated altogether in the Homecoming parade and football game. Their second fundraiser was a Krispy Kreme sale. Money from this fundraiser was donated to the Silver City Gospel Mission and the Sierra House Women’s Shelter. 

The Mustang Staff met with Sarita and Victoria to get more information on the team. 

Q: Can you tell me more about WNMU Cheer?

Sarita: This is the WNMU Cheers’ first year with a full team. Our team is supported by Dr. Brundage. He approached me and asked me to lead the team, since I am a former WNMU cheerleader. This school year we participated in the football and volleyball season. We are currently on hold because, as coaches, we believe that school is more important. We are trying to bring it back.

Q: What are some obstacles you have faced as head coach of WNMU Cheer?

Sarita: Right now, what we are lacking is people who are interested. I don’t think people know that we have a cheerleading team. Our team is non-funded. Everything we have is being paid out of pocket. We are trying to fundraise to purchase new uniforms. 

Q: Do you have any future events or goals for WNMU Cheer?

Sarita: Our future goals are to get our name out there and try to get new people to tryout. We are hoping to get boys and girls to try out and join. We want a co-ed team! This is something new and it’s growing. We had a small team of eight girls, however, we got very involved with the community and university.

Victoria: Our main priority is fundraising, getting more students involved, and involvement in the community. WNMU Cheer has done events with the local police department, Foster Day, community churches, and CYFD. We have been volunteering with the Silver City Police Department for the past two years. We helped the local Girl Scouts girls make Thanksgiving baskets. We are partnered up with the All-Star Cheerleading Team. The team is local. WNMU Cheer have helped by coaching them and assisting in expanding their program. We are trying to get out there!

Q: What keeps you motivated to keep WNMU Cheer going?

Sarita: I feel Western needs the cheerleading team. The reason I say this is because it brings more school spirit creating a new environment for everyone. Anything we do, I feel makes a difference. We add more enthusiasm into our games and make them livelier. This helps our students because if the crowd is involved, it makes our athletes want to do better. We want to see that positive outcome.

Victoria: It also brings a different cultural environment when it comes to cheer and athletics. At Western, we have clubs and we have athletics. Cheer is a whole different thing. We never really had that cheer environment. We are bringing people in and they ask, “Oh, you have a cheer team?” We are getting lots of feedback from students, staff, and alumni. There wasn’t a cheerleading team for a very long time. They are recognizing that we are here! 

Tryouts are planned to be in March. For more information, contact Sarita Reyes ( or Victoria Arganda ( Their offices are located in the Office of Admission and Recruitment Department in the Juan Chacon Building.

WNMU Cheer

WNMU Cheer

WNMU Cheer WNMU Cheer WNMU Cheer

WNMU Cheer

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