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Women of Western: Amanda Moffett-Lane

Silver City, NM- Someday, today’s students will be tomorrow’s alumni. Every graduate will eventually graduate with their degrees and move on to bigger and better things, whether it be graduate school or a fruitful career. However, regardless of where life takes them, they will always be a Mustang.

Maintaining ties between past students and their alma-mater is the main objective for Amanda Moffett-Lane, the Director of Alumni Affairs. While Amanda has only been with the University for a few years she has already made great efforts to increase ties between the University and Alumni, as well as with the University and the wider community (both in Grant County and in Deming.) Amanda loves keeping people connected, both with their University and with their fellow alums.

Amanda was born and raised in Tuscon, AZ. At seventeen, she was working at a country club and felt inspired by her old manager and the care he would take with the special events held in the club. Amanda realized that she had what she called a “servant’s heart,” meaning that she had a desire to work with people and help them. As an event coordinator, Amanda takes great joy in playing a role in other people’s special days.

Amanda graduated from Methodist University in North Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, with a concentration in resort management.  After graduation Amanda worked in country clubs and as a wedding planner. Other past careers were coaching soccer and leading a girl scout troop.

Working with young women, both as a teacher for girl scouts and as a youth soccer coach, made a huge impact on Amanda. One of her most defining characteristics is that she never swears, something she picked up being around children. She also worked constantly to provide a positive role model for the young women under her tutelage. As a girl scout leader, she would teach her troop a variety of activities, ranging from arts and crafts, to sports like soccer and lacrosse. Being a positive role model is something she has also transferred to her infant daughter.

Amanda has been married for three years and is currently raising a baby girl. While aware that she devotes a large chunk of her time hard at work in the alumni office, Amanda wanted her little girl to know two things growing up. One, that she loved her very, very much, and two, that she could do anything she wanted to do growing up and that there are no limits to what she can achieve.

“The glass ceiling [that so many women have had to deal with] has been shatter,” Amanda said. “All it is now is glitter around her feet.”

Amanda, with the Office of Alumni Affairs, works closely with both the Western New Mexico University Foundation and the Western Institute for Life-Long Learning to bring numerous arts and culture events to our campus for both students and the community. She also works tirelessly to bring alumni back to their university for both Homecoming and Great Race.


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