Student Spotlight: Daylon Russell

Daylon Russell is from east St. Louis Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona. He is sophomore at Western New Mexico University. He is studying kinesiology and his favorite thing to do is to listen to old school R&B. His goal is to own a physical therapy company.

Question: Daylon, I appreciate you taking the time out for me to interview you. How long have you been a student at Western?
Answer: I’ve been a student at WNMU for about two years now. This year will be the end of my sophomore year.
Question: What do you like the most about being a student at WNMU? What brought you here in the first place? Were you brought here for sports or school?
Answer: Sports brought me to WNMU out of high school, I also had family who’ve came here in the past, so that was a big influence on my decision.
Question: Overall what do you like about Western? What interests you the most about our University?
Answer: The cultural diversity is what interests me about the University.
Question: That’s pretty cool I haven’t heard that answer before! Since you are a student-athlete, how do you maintain football and school? Does it take a toll on you or is it pretty simple to maintain?
Answer: It honestly does at the beginning of each semester for about a couple weeks but after that I’m back to being comfortable.
Question: What is your strategy of maintaining and overcoming any adversity when dealing with school and football? How do you maintain focus?
Answer: I spend some time alone and relax and remember to try stay positive
Question: What are some goals that you have for school? Like do you want a 4.0 GPA? Do you want to turn in every assignment ahead of time? What are some of your goals?
Answer: My goals for this semester are studying more routinely so I can get a 4.0 GPA.
Question: Thank you Daylon, I appreciate you for taking the time out for this interview and I wish you nothing but success!
Answer: Thank you Christian Steele.

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