Examining Beauty Standards for College Women: Part 1

beauty standards part 1

Many women spend a significant amount of time altering their appearance with makeup and hair styling tools to attempt to fit the societal standard for what a woman ‘should’ look like. Gender expectations have taught us to believe that women must always look beautiful. This can be an expensive as well as a time consuming

Best and Worst Things About Valentine’s Day


Most students either love or hate Valentine’s Day. We want to provide you with all of your romantic Valentine’s Day feels and anti Valentine’s Day moods! Everything is pink!/ Everything is pink. Another opportunity to show appreciation for your loved ones!/ A lot of pressure to spend money on gifts to show this appreciation. If

Former Mustang Editor Returns to Say Goodbye

mustang staff

Homecoming is an occasion that has always held a special place for me, especially in regard to the publication that you are currently reading. Three years ago, in 2015, I had only barely taken over The Mustang as Editor and, along with my brand new, untested staff of student journalists, we took Homecoming 2015 by

The Mustang Goes to the St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl

Green beer

Silver City, NM- On Saturday, March 17, the famed Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery hosted a pub crawl in honor of St. Patrick’s day. The Mustang Editor and his fiance participated in the event and took on the crawl. Introduction We woke up early on Saturday and start making breakfast- pork chops, chorizo and

Founder’s Day- A Personal Reflection

125 Founders Day

Silver City, NM- 125 years ago, our campus came into existence. It was a much different place back then; a small college known as the Western Teachers College that was meant to educate individuals so that they could go out and educate the workforce. They started off with a small patch of land and created