WNMU Mailroom welcomed the Child Development Center to have “Letters to Santa”

Letters to Santa

On Tuesday, December 10, the WNMU Mailroom and the Child Development Center (CDC) hosted their first “Letters to Santa” event. The mailroom allowed the CDC children, staff, and families to come in and mail their letters to the North Pole. The mailroom staff stamped their letters and the children inserted them into the mailbox directly to

Jingle and Mingle: A Christmas Celebration

Jingle and Mingle

On Friday, December 6, WNMU hosted the first annual Jingle and Mingle at Light Hall Patio. This event was a celebration in honor of the festive season. Students, families, staff, and friends all united to spend a jolly time. Decorated Christmas trees luminated the Light Hall Patio. There was live music for all who attended.

The Mustang Writers’ Best Holiday Memories


Whether you start singing along, or grimacing at the overplayed sound of Christmas music, the holidays always mean something to everyone. Unlike other celebrations throughout the year, the holidays celebrated near the end are perhaps the loudest, most in-your-face, and dare I say, jolliest times of the year. Being so, we all have heartfelt memories

Editorial: We Wish You A Merry Christmas, And A “Happier” New Year


This is The Mustang‘s 400th article, coming out about a week after our two year anniversary. I really should have timed things better. I’ve mulled over a lot of ideas for this article, first choosing to discuss what made 2016 such a bad year and later deciding to write about the holidays instead. Neither idea

The Mustang’s Top 7 Christmas Movies: As Chosen by the Students


It’s Christmas! With many of us spending the season with our families and loved ones, many traditions are observed around this time of year. One tradition that seems pretty common amongst most people is the annual viewing of Christmas movies and television specials. A number of students gave their input on what they felt were