Alejandra Estrada: Mexican American breaking stereotypes

Ale Estrada in Xochimilco

Alejandra Estrada is a level one nursing student at Western New Mexico University. Estrada is from Long Beach, California, and was raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Estrada was raised in a single parent household, where Estrada’s mom was the only figure of authority, therefore Estrada connects deeply with her mom’s Hispanic background. Estrada, is

Vielka Félix: Latina en Programa de STEM


Vielka Félix es actualmente una estudiante de intercambio en Western New Mexico University originaria de Agua Prieta, Sonora. Félix es una deportista retirada. Ella representó a México en varias ocasiones en competencias de atletismo. Félix decidió venir a WNMU porque la escuela ofrecía su carrera en la institución. Ella tiene dos puestos laborales como asistente

Professor Roberta Brown on celebrating National Grammar Day

National Grammar Day

March 4 is National Grammar Day in the United States. According to, National Grammar day was established in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrough, the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. The day’s motto is, “It’s not only a date, but it’s also an imperative: March forth on March fourth to speak

Registered Student Organizations show their Fall Spirit at Fall Fest

Fall Fest 2019

Student Life hosted a Fall Festival on October 25 in the Life Lounge. Clubs, community, and students got together to be part of the celebration.  The Western Horticulture Club put together a station for everyone to make their own candy apple. They could choose to dip from three different choices: caramel, white chocolate and dark

The Mustang Writers’ Best Holiday Memories


Whether you start singing along, or grimacing at the overplayed sound of Christmas music, the holidays always mean something to everyone. Unlike other celebrations throughout the year, the holidays celebrated near the end are perhaps the loudest, most in-your-face, and dare I say, jolliest times of the year. Being so, we all have heartfelt memories

The Editor’s Top 10 Halloween Episodes of the 1990s!

Kang and Kodos

One of the main things that comes to my mind whenever Halloween rolls around are the classic Halloween episodes of television series that aired when I was a kid. Halloween episodes were different then, with many carrying a somewhat cheesy tone that perfectly captures the spirit of the season. These days, Halloween episodes come few

The Widespread Craze of Stranger Things

Stranger Things

After 8 months of short teasers and anticipated waiting, Stranger Things 2 is finally returning, with more spooks, flickering lights, and plenty of Eggo Waffles. For those late to the party, Stranger Things takes place in the fictional town of Hawkings, Indiana, and tells the story of how one night, a young boy named Will

Mustang Writers Pick Their Favorite Horror Movies


The horror genre has existed for centuries, with a wide-range of subgenres. Whether it’s a Halloween movie featuring good ol’ “spoopy” fun, a twisted and tense psychological thriller or an 80’s slasher where naked teens die in increasingly gruesome ways, the horror genre is one of the most diverse in all of both literature and