Senior Student, Dorian Carrasco on National Pandemic

Dorian Carrasco

In the midst of this nationwide pandemic, many have lost or will be losing both memories and important milestones. However, it is important to aid in the understanding of those who have been affected by such a large epidemic. Therefore, in order to get some voices heard, The Mustang has been interviewing students while also

Jennifer Olson uses writing talents to share WNMU stories and news

Photo Credit: Jennifer Olson

As March comes to a close, people around the country celebrated female leaders during Women’s History Month. The Mustang conducted several interviews with female students,staff, and faculty members to learn about their contributions to campus. Many students recognize Jennifer Olson by name, as they receive important emails about university deadlines and announcements, but not many

Inspiring Student Spotlight: Masters Graduate Amaris Ramirez-Fey


Amaris is graduating with her Masters in Social Work this fall 2018. Following graduation, she will be remaining in the local Silver City area to begin working in a counseling center for trauma and recovery. The Social Work Department will be having a pinning ceremony the night before graduation to celebrate the graduates in their

Women of Western: Amanda Moffett-Lane

Amanda Moffett

Silver City, NM- Someday, today’s students will be tomorrow’s alumni. Every graduate will eventually graduate with their degrees and move on to bigger and better things, whether it be graduate school or a fruitful career. However, regardless of where life takes them, they will always be a Mustang. Maintaining ties between past students and their

Scholar Spotlight: Andrew Joy Makes Us Aware of A.I.

Andrew Joy

Do you feel threatened by your own cellphone, and feel like it may takeover you sometime soon? Well, according to Andrew Joy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be seen as a threat to human existence, but he views it as a benefit to our future society. Joy is a Masters student in the Interdisciplinary Studies program.

Scholar Spotlight: SAAC Leaders Visit Lone Star Conference

Linzy 3

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) senior leaders’ Linzy Granger and Evan Beebe attended a Lone Star conference in Dallas, Texas. They were informed on the hot topics that are highly popular in the media and how to address them. Both Granger and Beebe represented WNMU athletics by voting for NCAA rules and bylaws. After the conference

Scholar Spotlight: Students Present Research In The Big Easy

ASM Microbe 2017

Most people go to New Orleans for the parties, drinks, and world renowned cuisine. Who would have known that it could have served as the 2017 host city for the American Society for Microbiology conference? Melinda Reissig and Kurtis Born! They had the assistance of Student Research and Professional Development (SRPD) Funds to have an

Homecoming 2017: Outstanding Alumni: Thaxter “Scrappy” Richard


Silver City, NM- A familiar sight around the Grant County area is New Mexico State Police Officer Thaxter Richard, a.k.a “Scrappy. The Officer, known for his kindness and his character, was recently honored with the Outstanding Alumni Award at the 2017 Western New Mexico University Homecoming Celebration on September 23rd. Scrappy had a varied career

Homecoming 2017: Lip Sync Battle


Silver City, NM- Mustang Entertainment lived up to their name by engaging a full house of WNMU students and staff in a colorful and energetic “Lip Sync Battle.” Students ranged from solo acts to group performances, including an entire sports team taking the stage, making for a very diverse and overall wild night. The show