Inspiring Student Spotlight: Masters Graduate Amaris Ramirez-Fey


Amaris is graduating with her Masters in Social Work this fall 2018. Following graduation, she will be remaining in the local Silver City area to begin working in a counseling center for trauma and recovery. The Social Work Department will be having a pinning ceremony the night before graduation to celebrate the graduates in their

GLAM Week: PFLAG Panel Presented by The Center

Silver Ciy, NM- A safe haven can be important for those who feel that they are weighed down by society’s pessimism. They are places where a vast amount of people help deal with their similar situations, thoughts, and feelings through support and expression. PFLAG offers that opportunity for individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, transgender,

GLAM Week: Alice Driver and the Courage and Struggle of LGBTQ Migrants


Silver City, NM- Alice Driver has dedicated her life to documenting the struggles of the oppressed. Working as a writer, editor and translator for a wide variety of publications, Driver’s latest project took her into Central America in the city of San Salvidor- the most dangerous city in the world. Driver’s mission was to chronicle

Let’s Talk About…Anything


Silver City NM- Let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about relationships, let’s talk about who we are. For the past few years WNMU has been home to the Gender Equity Center, otherwise known as The Center. It is located about a block from campus and many students go there for a number reasons. For some,

Actor and Comedian Ian Harvie Performs for Glam Week at WNMU


Silver City, NM – Transgender men and women have been in the spotlight of the media recently fighting for acceptance and trying to educate the public on who they are. For any reader who might not know, a transgender person is anyone who identifies with a sex different from the sex that they were assigned

The Center Presents: The Dragalicious Lip-Sync Battle


Silver City, NM – As part of The Center of Gender Equity’s Glam Week, a Dragalicious Lip-Sync Battle and Show was put on at Light Hall on Wednesday night. Students and staff members performed for a packed house while dressed in full drag, with special performances by Augusta Wind, Summer Osborne, Mona Little, and Raul

Glam Week Is Coming!


Silver City, NM- There are many misconceptions about drag culture that the media has created and many people who do not even know what drag culture is. These misunderstandings can often have harmful consequences. Fortunately, the Center of Gender Equity is hosting a series of events from October 16 through October 22 educate and spread