Great Race 52 Preview: Featuring LeShauntai Adams

great race 52

Great Race is one of Western’s greatest traditions and this will be Western’s fifty-second Great Race. Great Race brings amazing vibes to many of the students on campus throughout the week. Students have the opportunity to make their own team and participate in fun events during the week with their team. The week also includes

Q & A with Mustang Entertainment President LeShauntai Adams


Q: Hello LeShauntai Adams how are doing? Are you excited for this year’s upcoming Great Race 53? A: Hello and yes, I’m excited for Great Race 53! It’s one of the events I look forward to planning every year! Q: What exactly is your role in this great race 53?  A: I am the president

Great Race 2018 – Talent Show


Silver City, NM – The Great Race Celebration continues, and this time rather than focusing on athletic activities, the teams put their focus behind the stage light. Bomb Squad, Party Krashers, C’s Get Degrees and Little Rascals battle against each other by participating in a lip sync/singing battle as well as being able to recreate

Great Race 50: A Look Back


Silver City, NM- Nearing the end of spring semester, with finals looming and graduation right around the corner, the university celebrates a local tradition known as the Great Race. The annual tradition celebrated it’s fiftieth year this past Saturday, with festivities including a bowling night, a powderpuff football game, field activities, a talent show, a

Great Race 50: Teams Get Wild At Great Race Talent Show


Silver City, N.M. – The Misfits took down the other four competitors in this year’s Great Race Talent Show last Thursday night. The event allowed all teams to perform one music video and one movie skit, which were judged by four judges. Leading off first was C’s Get Degrees and they performed “Hollaback Girl” by

Great Race 50: C’s Get Degrees Have the Speed

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Silver City, N.M. – C’s Get Degrees took home the crown in this year’s Who’s Got the Speed? Great Race Event as they were able to outscore four other teams. The teams had to push their cart about 50 yards on College Avenue. Instead of having to go uphill as in Tuesday’s King of the

Great Race 50: Little Rascals Dominate Powderpuff


Silver City, N.M.- Five of the six Great Race teams competed in a heated and tense tournament of Powderpuff football last night at Old James Stadium. While fans of each team were braving the freezing wind and cloudy skies, there was no shortage of excitement for each game. There were a set of girls from

Great Race 50: Little Rascals Are Kings of the Mountain


Silver City, N.M. – The Little Rascals beat out the other five teams in this year’s King of the Mountain during this week’s annual Great Race. The six teams had to push their cart up Cardiac Hill about 50 yards to the finish line. The only rules were that the teams had to have four