Azul Barrientos keeps Frida Kahlo’s legacy alive


On March 5th, artist Azul Barrientos performed a show in Light Hall Theater. Barrientos brought Frida Kahlo’s story back to life in a creative way that was easily enjoyed by the audience. Kahlo lived through many hardships in her lifetime, and she was never given any recognition while she was alive for her work as

W.A.C Event Held in Remembrance of Historical Influential Woman


Silver City, NM- Friday March 20th, WNMU W.A.C. held it’s Women’s Lives and Writing event for Women’s History Month. The event included multiple Western New Mexico University faculty members and professors giving presentations on influential women. Speakers in the presentation were Andrea Jaquez on the Women of Fort Bayard, Manda Jost on Sor Jiana Ines