The Student Worker Struggle

Students that work off and on campus can have difficulty navigating their responsibilities. Students who are full time workers can have an especially stressful time managing their school work as well as their job. Student who have jobs typically need their jobs to make money to support themselves, but there are many risks involved in having a job as a student. Students are at risk for failing their classes because they are coming to class late because they are just getting out of a shift or not being able to come to class at all due to their intense exhaustion from attempting to work full time off campus.

Working full time while going to school full time can be quite challenging for students because students are trying to juggle not only their classes and homework, but also their work schedules, their family commitments, their social life and the battle to stay sane. Students who also have jobs can struggle with lack of sleep and mental health because they have so much going on. It is difficult to be involved with student activities as well or maintain a social life with other students when trying to balance school and work. This can be very isolating for students and prevent students from reaching their full potential.

However, students should be encouraged to have to work a part time job because it will help them to be more experienced individuals in their future. Full time or part time jobs teach students to become more independent and mature. Learning how to balance their responsibilities and make their own money helps them to become more capable at handling problems in their future. Although some of the students at WNMU might have enough money already to pay their tuition and are able to accommodate the necessities of life, having a job helps students to grow.

Students with part time or full time jobs are encouraged to seek out their professors and ask for help when they need it. Telling your professors ahead of time your work schedule and asking for extensions when you need them can be very helpful in succeeding in classes. Professors also need to remember that students at WNMU often have multiple responsibilities and we are doing our best to do well in our classes.

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