WNMU hosts annual Halloween Walk

On Halloween morning, WNMU staff and students united at the Intramural Gym to host the annual Halloween Walk. Departments of WNMU came and give out candy for the trick or treaters. Community members and the Child Development Center (CDC) also participated. Children, parents, teachers, and staff dressed in their best Halloween costumes. 

Adriana Leon, WNMU volleyball player, said, “I thought the event was super fun and seeing all the kids dressed up in their costumes was my favorite part! As a team, we were able to decorate these glow-in-the-dark volleyballs and hand them out to each child and seeing their reactions made our day!” 

Liliana Sanchez, WNMU teacher and curriculum coordinator for the CDC, said, “I thought the event was more organized than last year’s Halloween Walk. Last year, it was more crowded, and families had to wait longer in line and this year, it was much smoother. I thought it was great how the coaches were giving candy in the hallway, then when we went in, there was a ample space. I liked how they incorporated Rawhide to take pictures with families and the children. This year, the walk was not all about the candy. Some departments had books, little Halloween trinkets and balls. I really liked that!”

“I thought the Halloween Walk was a great experience. I loved seeing all the children dressed up. It was a great way for the Child Development Center and WNMU to interact,” said Kianna Garcia, ASWNMU member. 

Ashley Templeton, WNMU Student Activity Coordinator, said, “It was a lot of fun. There were a lot of kids who came and participated. It was more fun to see the parents dress up in costumes. I thought it was fun how they would correlate their costumes with their child’s costumes.”

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