ASWNMU Public Meeting Minutes for September 8, 2016

I.   THE ASWNMU open meeting was held in the Miller Library on the campus of Western New Mexico University on Thursday, September 8, 2016. Dylan Kester, ASWNMU Vice President, called the meeting to order at 8:36 a.m.

II. Opening Ceremonies

III. Roll call: Executive Officers present:

President – Claudia Osuna

Vice President – Dylan Kester

Attorney General- Harry Wetton

Government Affairs Director – Asia Marie Garcia

Executive Secretary – Breanna Aker

Treasurer – Timothy Stillman

Senators Present:

Senate Pro Temp-Annely Heinze

Senate Floor Leader -Gemma Goodland

Senate Secretary – Linzy Granger

Sky Klaus

Mariangela Garcia

Ross White

Sheila Menezes

Brandon Woods

Kaitlyn Ellis


Senators not Present:

Shannon Rich- (Volleyball excused absence)

IV. Approval of Agenda: Amendments were added to Senate Bill 14. All re-recognized clubs will get $100.00 start up fee as stated in ASWNMU constitution. Senator Ellis moved to approve the Amendment to the Agenda. Move was seconded by Senator Woods. Amendments were approved with no objections.

  1.   Approval of Agenda passed with no objections.


  1. Approval of Minutes: Senator Ellis moved to approve the minutes. The move was seconded by Senator Woods. Minutes were approved with no objections.


VII. Executive Council Reports:

  1. President Osuna attended the Board of Regents meeting last week; they passed additional funding for Marketing and Capital Pride for phase number 1. For office hours she has been working on the pictures, and there is now a form for matching funds and events. The forms can be filled out online and ASWNMU will receive it. She has been attending the external meetings and they have been going pretty well.
  2. Vice President Kester has been doing his office hours and recently had student a faculty issues. One issue was disenrollment. In the last 3 years, this last year has been the worst. He has had faculty and students come to him. He needs to help student work on that earlier. We are also looking at the fee money and how we want to spend that money.
  3. Attorney General Wetton did his office hours this week and will be gone next week on Monday and Tuesday due to traveling with the Golf team. He will make a contract with Vice President Kester to catch those hours up. He checked all the bills this week to make sure they were okay, but states that Senators need to make deadlines. Wetton states they had their first constitution meeting on Tuesday at 1:00. They have a couple of changes and he will report that later on.
  4. Government Affairs Director Garcia has been working on lobbying ideas. Next Friday, President Osuna, Vice President Kester and herself will have a meeting with President Shepard. As of right now, according to the President the presentation will be December 1st in Light Hall. The Grant County Fair will be February 1st.
  5. Secretary Aker is working on organizing and making room for this year’s documentation. She is also going to work on the screen outside the student chambers.
  6. Treasurer Stillman has been going back in the files and we have $40,621.51 and is expecting $38,081.49. Over the Summer 2016 the expenses total was $1,851.40. Money was also spent on  Scholarships that was passed last meeting for $19,550.00. Money was spent on Open house raffle for $200.00. We allocated $1,500.00 last meeting for supplies.


VII. District Reports


  1. Senator Ellis has been working hard at the Deming campus. She states they need new computers because ‘they are dinosaurs’. She is hosting a pizza party on the 14th for the Deming campus. She will be making a trip to Lordsburg soon. She has talked to the coordinator.
  2. Senator Klaus has been working on making a trophy for the rival game for the game against Eastern and Western game this weekend.
  3. Senator Henize has been working with President Osuna and they talked with the Child Development Center to help with the crosswalk. Senators will help out in the morning with the cross walk. She hopes to get Senators to go down to the CDC and read to the children.


VIII. Committee Reports

  1. Senator Ellis states the Safety and Accessibilities committees will be meeting today at 1pm to 2pm in the Student Chambers.
  2. Senator White had a meeting with the community involvement and they are going to talk with restaurants to help the school get involved with student discounts.
  3. Senator Goodland met up with Dr. Coleman and they already have a proposal for student research and she states Jordan wants to go on a trip to California for a conference. They are also wanting a student to help out. Preferably someone who works with business.
  4. Senator Woods is the chair of the housing and cafeteria and is planning on meeting with Donna on Monday and is meeting with Paolo in housing after this meeting.
  5. President Osuna states the fees committee is meeting today at 9am with the business meeting. She wants to be ready for next semester
  6. The teacher of the year committee is meeting at 2:30pm in the chambers
  7. Constitution meeting met this past Tuesday. Next week they will have a follow up meeting.
  8. Today at 4:00pm there is a clubs meeting. We are asking all the clubs to make their own Facebook page to connect events together.
  9. The activities committee is working on a Calendar, and President Osuna is going to talk to Vice President Brundage on making this happen.
  10. Student Life is separating into 3 different committees and is going to meet soon.
  11. Mustang Entertainment is meeting in first year experience.


  1. Old Business –


No old business


  1.   New Business-


  • Senate Bill Number 14- To recognize: The American Association of University Women, Circle K International, MECHA Honor Society, ALPHA PHI SIGMA, and Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Latter Day Saints Student Association, WNMU Art Club, Student Social Work Association and the Early Childhood Education Club. All of the clubs have met requirements. They will receive $100 as of today. Approved.
  • Senate Bill Number 15- Approval of matching funds not to exceed $729.17 for The Marketing Club. Approved
  • Senate Bill Number 16-Allocation of funds not to exceed $150.00 for events organized at Deming Campus and Truth or Consequences Campus. This is going to help Kaitlyn have an event for the students in Deming. Approved
  • Senate Bill Number 17- Allocation of funds not to exceed $500.00  for the Rawhide scholarship for the Fall of 2016. We are trying to raise school spirit and giving away a scholarship for someone to be Rawhide.  Approved.


All bills were passed with no objections by the Senators.


  1.  Announcements –
  1. A member of the audience from the CDC wanted to thank Student Government for helping with the crosswalk at the CDC.
  2. A member of the audience from the school’s music department wanted to thank Student Government with the support of the music program. They even got to recruit for WNMU. He states October 22nd, Dr. Shepard will have an event in Deming. They are looking for more volunteers. It is from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. He is looking for volunteers starting at 2:00pm.


XII. Adjournment of meeting


This meeting was adjourned at 8:59am  motioned by Senator Ellis and Senator Goodland seconded the motion.

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