Senior Student, Dorian Carrasco on National Pandemic

Dorian Carrasco

In the midst of this nationwide pandemic, many have lost or will be losing both memories and important milestones. However, it is important to aid in the understanding of those who have been affected by such a large epidemic. Therefore, in order to get some voices heard, The Mustang has been interviewing students while also

Jennifer Olson uses writing talents to share WNMU stories and news

Photo Credit: Jennifer Olson

As March comes to a close, people around the country celebrated female leaders during Women’s History Month. The Mustang conducted several interviews with female students,staff, and faculty members to learn about their contributions to campus. Many students recognize Jennifer Olson by name, as they receive important emails about university deadlines and announcements, but not many

Kinesiology Professor Hopes To Start New Cycling Club

Photo Credit: Garrett Peltonen, PhD

WNMU is welcoming a new cycling club organized and sponsored by former professional cyclist and current Kinesiology professor, Garrett Peltonen. “We live in a great area for cycling and bike riding. In fact, the university could use a cycling club,” said Peltonen. Peltonen mentioned how he is coordinating this club along with Kathy Whiteman, Director

Navigating and Overcoming Culture Shock!

Photo Credit: Essmeralda Corn

  On Wednesday, February 12th,  Student Life Event Coordinator and part of the Cultural Committee, Ashley Templeton, created the event “Navigating Culture Shock”, along with student Andrew Ayala. This event was held in the Student Life Lounge from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. After interviewing Ayala, he mentioned his goal for this event was to

Black History Month Interview with Mustang Stevan Winn

Credits: Jay Hemphill during WNMU Homecoming Parade 2020

This is Stevan Winn, also known as Steve. Winn is originally from Inglewood, California. He is a junior year WNMU student-athlete, majoring in Business Management.  Winn is also a work-study office worker for the Student Accessibility Services located in the Center for Student Success (CSS). Winn shared with The Mustang his perspective on Black History