Dorian Carrasco

Senior Student, Dorian Carrasco on National Pandemic

In the midst of this nationwide pandemic, many have lost or will be losing both memories and important milestones. However, it is important to aid in the understanding of those who have been affected by such a large epidemic. Therefore, in order to get some voices heard, The Mustang has been interviewing students while also maintaining the practice of social distancing. 

One of the several students who were interviewed is senior student, Dorian Carrasco. Carrasco is a cross country student athlete from Clint, Texas. He is also a work study at the Center of Student Success (CSS) on campus. In addition to his work study job, Carrasco also works at Walmart in Silver City. His major is Cell and Molecular Biology and was expected to graduate this Spring of 2020. In this interview with Dorian, we found it was important to ask essential questions since he is not only a student athlete, but because he is also a member of the Silver City community.


How has the COVID-19 crisis affected your life? What do you think is the worst aspect of this pandemic? The COVID-19 crisis has affected my life dramatically because the community has made my job at Walmart busier. The worst part is that people over exaggerate and impulse buy which limits the availability in the store for the other customers.


What future effects can you predict – whether they happen in days, weeks, months or years? Why? The way that the COVID-19 has affected my life as well is through the aspects of being able to travel and see my family when I want to. I think with another month of careful quarantine and proper practice of social distancing we can declare Grant County and the US free of new developing cases.


How has the COVID-19 crisis affected your life overall? What is something you think you could do to help others during the pandemic? Overall, the crisis has not affected me to worry personally. It has affected me to worry for the older community members who I see having to shop in store and risk contracting the COVID-19 virus. If I could help others during the pandemic I would allow the stores to continue to pick groceries for customers as much as possible and educate the senior citizens more about technology so they may know about important information as it becomes available to better protect themselves from this crisis.

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