Disney's The Mustang

BREAKING: Disney-Mustang Merger Not Happening

Silver City, NM- Only mere hours after announcing their purchase from the Walt Disney Company, The Mustang announces that they were not purchased by Disney, nor was that deal ever going to happen.

While more or less unheard of in media these days, The Mustang writers checked their facts and discovered two things- first, that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, the company that owns the majority of print media, was not included in the Disney-21st Century Fox merger, and second, The Mustang, being a college publication based at Western New Mexico University, is not, in fact, part of News Corp.

“I really wish I’d known this before I made a down-payment on a boat,” Mustang Editor Eric Lowe said.

The Mustang will be back to normal starting tomorrow. Special thanks to Yvette Altamirano, Tatiana Villalobos, Dayana Baez, Kristian Crocker, Aldo Lopez and the WNMU Art Club for their “spring break photos,” and Arlene and Juan-Pablo Murillo, Dylan Kester and Tim Stillman for their participation.

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