Student Wellness: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month


Many of you know that April has begun, and spring is in the air, but the month of April has a deeper meaning to individuals who have experienced sexual assault. April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, and it is an important issue to understand and talk about on a college campus like ours. Sexual assault

Student Wellness: Student Health 101


Some of you have probably been reading our column and wondering who exactly we are and what exactly we do. Well, WNMU’s Student Health Services provides a number of services to WNMU students, including medical, mental health, and disability. The nurse on staff, Laura, provides students with a number of different medical needs, and when

Student Wellness: Selecting the Right Roommate


It’s time to start thinking about roommate arrangements for next year, which can be both exciting and slightly nerve-racking. Take some time to sit down and think about the kinds of traits you want in a roommate. Think about your personality, and the sort of people you would get along with. If you already have

Student Wellness: Love Yourself


Valentine’s Day is coming, which means that, as cliched as it sounds, love is in the air! While the holiday is usually associated with couples spending time together, we should all remember that love isn’t limited in only the romantic sense. We should all take the time to love not only our significant others, but