Best and Worst Things About Valentine’s Day


Most students either love or hate Valentine’s Day. We want to provide you with all of your romantic Valentine’s Day feels and anti Valentine’s Day moods! Everything is pink!/ Everything is pink. Another opportunity to show appreciation for your loved ones!/ A lot of pressure to spend money on gifts to show this appreciation. If

The Return of The Mustang’s WORST Valentine’s Day Pick Up Lines


Last year, we asked for the absolute worst pick-up lines that people, both students and community members, have either heard or could come up with on their own. Some of them were pretty bad. This year, we asked again and people were more savage than ever. As with last year, we recommend that you do not

The Editor’s Top 10 Halloween Episodes of the 1990s!

Kang and Kodos

One of the main things that comes to my mind whenever Halloween rolls around are the classic Halloween episodes of television series that aired when I was a kid. Halloween episodes were different then, with many carrying a somewhat cheesy tone that perfectly captures the spirit of the season. These days, Halloween episodes come few

Mustang Writers Pick Their Favorite Horror Movies


The horror genre has existed for centuries, with a wide-range of subgenres. Whether it’s a Halloween movie featuring good ol’ “spoopy” fun, a twisted and tense psychological thriller or an 80’s slasher where naked teens die in increasingly gruesome ways, the horror genre is one of the most diverse in all of both literature and

The Mustang Staff’s Five Most Overrated Things

Mustang Staff

The April slump is often the worst part of the year. It’s the homestretch of the school year and many are starting to feel it. This is a time filled with tension and stress for many as work on final projects kicks off and graduation finally starts to become a reality for seniors. Sometimes, the

The Mustang’s WORST Valentine’s Day Pick Up Lines

Head in Hands

Still looking for that last minute Valentine’s date? We at the paper asked some readers for a couple pick up lines and we definitely recommend that you don’t try any of them.   Our student Regent claims to have heard this one multiple times: “Como hace la carnita asada? Ssssss mamacita.” or “How does the

The Mustang’s Top 7 Christmas Movies: As Chosen by the Students


It’s Christmas! With many of us spending the season with our families and loved ones, many traditions are observed around this time of year. One tradition that seems pretty common amongst most people is the annual viewing of Christmas movies and television specials. A number of students gave their input on what they felt were

The Mustang’s Top 10 Halloween Tracks


Halloween is the best time of year next to Christmas to listen to your favorite songs that coincide with the season. This list of the best Halloween songs span across quite a few genres and include a few popular favorites along with some more obscure ones. These songs are definitely not the scariest sounding out