Glam Week is Back!

Silver City, NM- The first event of Glam Week was the introduction to breaking free of all misconceptions people may have of The Center for Gender Equity. Guests were greeted with a warm welcome by The Center’s employees. The shirts that were worn by the employees read, “Ask me, about me.” The phrase gives the opportunity to define what The Center provides. The Center does not only provide LGBTQ support, they also support the rights of gender, and give great advice for any social issue one is facing.

WNMU student Michael Gutierrez had spent the previous month making preparations for Glam Week. Gutierrez claims that planning was very stressful, yet he is excited as the week continues. A highlight of this week is that multiple Western students will be performing in the Drag Show.

Don Jaramillo is one of the students participating in the event. “I am nervous to perform on Wednesday, I hope to see plenty of support when I am in front of everyone,” Jaramillo said.

The intention for the week ahead is to be filled with uplifting energy for those who support LGBTQ rights and seek socialization with the community. Tonight will feature a performance by Summer Osbourne, the Drag Show on Wednesday night at 8pm and a workshop Friday afternoon. All events will be held at Light Hall Auditorium.

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