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Great Race 52 Preview: Featuring LeShauntai Adams

Great Race is one of Western’s greatest traditions and this will be Western’s fifty-second Great Race. Great Race brings amazing vibes to many of the students on campus throughout the week. Students have the opportunity to make their own team and participate in fun events during the week with their team.

The week also includes several night events all leading up to the ‘big’ race. The race at the end of the week involves pushing a kart with a driver around the campus two to three times, which is worth the most points. Fifty-two years ago Great Race used to involve the teams pushing each other around on a mattress down a hill, which soon developed into what it is today.

Q: Initially when we spoke the first time, Mustang Entertainment said they were shooting for six Great Race teams. Now that we are less than two weeks away, how many teams do we have now?

A: We currently have five official teams. Three teams are new this year. ‘Brew Crew’, ‘The Goonies’ and ‘The Jager Bombers’ are new teams and there are two returning teams, ‘The Little Rascals’ and the winners of Great Race 51, ‘Plan B’. We are pushing to get one more team going.

Q: What are some events that we can look forward to for this year’s Great Race that are different from the previous years?

A: Some new events that we have this year resemble TV shows such as Amazing Race, Minute To Win It and Silent Library. We will also have our ‘OG’ events such as the Talent Show, Powder Puff, King of the Hill, Who’s Got Speed, The Center for Gender Equity and Social Justice’s ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ during Field Day and our Pool Party event.

Q: Who were the winners of Great Race last year? Do you think they will have a chance to win again this year?

A: Great Race 51 last year resulted in a tie between the two returning teams ‘Plan B’ and ‘Little Rascals’. The winner was determined by a coin flip which the two head captains had agreed which resulted in ‘Plan B’ becoming Winners of Great Race 51.

It’s safe to say it will be a competitive race this year! Rascals will fight to take Great Race 52 and our new teams are determined to win Great Race 52 their first year out.

Q: Who are some teams you feel are fully equipped and ready to compete to win this year’s Great Race?

A: I feel like any of the new teams could win this year. They’re coming in high in energy and determination to win! Also, they have been heavily recruiting strategically to win. I’m always rooting for the underdog so I’m excited to see!

Q: How has recruiting been going for these 5 teams? Do you feel some teams are stronger than others?

A: I have not been able to make it to the sign-up days, but I know some students have informed me that they have been asked by several different teams to join theirs. As far as stronger than others, I can’t speak too much on that due to the fact that I’m not sure who the official 50 members of each are, but also Great Race isn’t about strength, it’s about how you strategically plan the game.

Q: In previous years, there have been themes for Great Race. Do we have a theme for this year?

A: The theme this year is ‘Vibe with Pride’! We will have different vibes for each day and individuals can dress according to each vibe. The decorations for the events will also be done according to the vibe for the day.

Q: For those who don’t know what the daily events are, can you fulfill us on what will be going on during the week?

A: Monday, April 8th will be Toga Vibe with our Field Day at Old James Stadium at 2pm and Minute to win it at 7pm.

Tuesday, April 9th will be Gamer Vibe with King of The Hill at Cardiac Hill at 2pm and Silent Library at 7:30pm in the GRC.

Wednesday, April 10th will be Fiesta Vibe with Amazing Race. This will be held in down town Silver City and the event will run all day followed by Powder Puff in Old James Stadium at 5pm.

(Editor’s note: Please be aware of harmful cultural appropriation when participating in Wednesday’s ‘Fiesta’ Vibe.) 

Thursday, April 11th is the Disco Vibe with Who’s Got Speed at College Ave at 2pm. This will be followed by the Talent Show at 7pm in the Fine Arts Center Theatre.

Friday, April 12th will be the Pool Party event at 5pm.

Saturday, April 13th will be the WNMU Football spring game at 10am and Mustang Festival at 12pm and we will be concluding the race at 2pm.

Q: Thank you for taking the time out your day for this interview! Hopefully we have an amazing turn out during Great Race 52!

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