Letter to The Editor from Amaris Fay

Dear Readers of The Mustang,

With the recent whirlwind of issues taking this country by storm, now more than ever, we’re reminded of why it’s so important to vote this November. There is so much at stake with this election, and we need fighters like Senator Martin Heinrich in Congress who will stand up for New Mexico. Senator Heinrich supports values that are crucial to the development of our economy; like making college more affordable so those of us at WNMU aren’t drowning in debt when we graduate. And he’s working to bring more, diverse job opportunities here so that when my peers and I graduate from college, we can find work and stay in New Mexico.

Most importantly, Senator Heinrich is actively working to combat perhaps the biggest issues facing our country and planet right now – climate change. He’s worked to expand renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and protect the public lands that we as New Mexicans care so much about. I’m proud to have a Senator like Martin Heinrich fighting on behalf of New Mexico values, and I urge my friends, family, and neighbors to vote for him.


Amaris B. Fay

MSW candidate at WNMU

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Eve Thomas is the editor of The Mustang. She loves to write and is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Political Science.