Students with Power: Register for ASWNMU Elections


Students who believe in the power of the voice of the students and want to make positive changes on campus should consider running for office in this year’s election for an Associated Students of Western New Mexico University student government position. ASWNMU represents the students’ interests, safeguards academic freedom and student rights, provides campus events

School Canceled Due to Student Exhaustion

Labor Day (University Closed)

It was announced this morning that all classes will be canceled for the rest of the semester due to the consistent exhaustion that students have been experiencing. Students have shown such an extreme decrease in interest for completing their assignments and attending their classes to the point that students have begun lounging on the sidewalks

Examining Beauty Standards for College Women: Part 1

beauty standards part 1

Many women spend a significant amount of time altering their appearance with makeup and hair styling tools to attempt to fit the societal standard for what a woman ‘should’ look like. Gender expectations have taught us to believe that women must always look beautiful. This can be an expensive as well as a time consuming

Best and Worst Things About Valentine’s Day


Most students either love or hate Valentine’s Day. We want to provide you with all of your romantic Valentine’s Day feels and anti Valentine’s Day moods! Everything is pink!/ Everything is pink. Another opportunity to show appreciation for your loved ones!/ A lot of pressure to spend money on gifts to show this appreciation. If

Changes for Student Health Services


Starting this week, students of Western New Mexico University will have new changes to their access to health services. The WNMU Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management has partnered with Hidalgo Medical Services (, 888-271-3596) to provide medical, mental health and now dental services for students. Medical health services will be provided to students