‘Poppy.Computer’ by Poppy: A Mustang Review


This is Poppy.

This is her album.

Her debut album.

Her debut album is called Poppy.Computer.

Known for her short robotic phrases and weird YouTube videos, Poppy released her new debut album on October 6, 2017. Though her character contains lore and is the subject of many conspiracy theories, Poppy is also a talented musician. She portrays the plasticity of the pop star celebrity ideals, mocking it in her music and YouTube skits. Her debut album is a clear example of such.

Below is a track-by-track review of ‘Poppy.Computer.’

  1. “I’m Poppy” 8/10 ★ P-O-P-P-Y that’s me! She often mocks the repetitiveness of modern pop music and this is a clear example of it. The album starts with a cheery, girly, repetitive, and an upbeat tune to get the album started– Guaranteed to make the listener sing aloud and have it stuck in their head for hours after.
  2. “Let’s Make A Video”  7/10 ★ This track continues with its catchy and bouncy feeling from the previous track. In this one, she talks about her routine before making a video, as the title says.
  3. “Bleach Blonde Baby”  6/10 ★ In this track, Poppy questions her appearance, her doll like eyelashes and features and how she “woke up and they were there.” These existential questions are somehow still backed up with a colorful instrumental and Poppy’s sweet voice. Spooky…
  4. “My Microphone”  7/10 ★ After three pop songs, My Microphone includes a rock n’ roll-esque guitar riff. Though a bit repetitive, it brings out the anguish in her voice on purpose. Just where is her microphone?
  5. “Moshi Moshi”  6/10 ★ After a rocky middle, she returns to her usual cheery voice in Moshi Moshi, Japanese for “hello.” This girly song speaks about friendship and the powerful love and force that keeps it going.
  6. “Computer Boy”  8/10 ★ In this electronic and cheery melody, Poppy speaks about her genuine love regarding her dear “Computer Boy.” This song could either be about a long distance relationship or simply a metaphor for the materialistic dependence people have regarding their electronics. Either way, it is a lovey dovey tune filled with silly metaphors.
  7. “My Style ft. Charlotte”  10/10 ★ Hypnotic beats, short easy lyrics, spooky messages? This tune includes another character from Poppy’s universe- The mannequin Charlotte. This song is guaranteed to have the listener’s head nodding to the beat the whole time.
  8. “Fuzzy”  8/10 ★ Another “lovey-dovey” tune; this one you can sing your crush without any other double meanings and strings attached (unlike Computer Boy). Poppy sings out her feelings of wanting to feel the fuzzy feeling of butterflies in her stomach for a significant other. Something never experienced for her apparently?
  9. “Interweb” 9/10 ★ Interweb offers a dark and spooky beat in comparison to the cheery and girly ambiance of the album, but still keeping the catchy pop vibe. A strong bass line and more odd metaphors makes this a smooth and catchy jam.
  10. “Software Upgrade” 10/10 ★ This tune picks up the pace from its predecessor, switching the rhythm to a much faster beat. Poppy sings about her disappointment with her current relationship using silly metaphors. Perhaps the fastest and bounciest jam in the whole album.
  11. “Pop Music” 8/10 ★ The beat slows everything down completely and the pop sound incorporated in each of the tracks is replaced by an acoustic guitar and minimal background music. Poppy finishes off her album and ironically talks about pop music and the relatable feelings to it’s many listeners while singing in a slow and acoustic melody.

Overall Album Rating:  8/10 ★

The album, though pop centered, still varies each song with different instrumentals and atmosphere. The songs don’t merge with each other and each of them stands out as individual tunes, which is a trait that is greatly appreciated in an album. Even if Poppy is sending the message across that “pop music is repetitive,” some of them were made that way but yet not enough to be catchy. However, lyric wise, the album did a remarkable job at sending the message of the plasticity in the media across, as well as showing Poppy’s strange character. Her creative metaphors are always something that stands out and definitely something to look forward to in her music. Hopefully ‘Poppy.Computer’ is only the introduction to something even greater.

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