Student Life Hosts 3-on-3 Basketball Tournment

Silver City, NM- On Sunday November 12, Student Life hosted an event aimed at basketball enthusiasts from all over campus. There was no doubt that each court would be filled this weekend as fans of the sport took over the intramural gym. Teams would compete for the grand prize of an NBA jersey for each team-member, a reward equaling approximately $75 a shirt.

Students were required to sign-up their three person team beforehand, with a total of 12 teams on the roster, or 36 students. The tournament was single elimination and six different teams played on three different courts at the same time. The game began with Monstars vs Threes (8-11), Aquafina vs MIA (12-10), and Dem Boys vs The Woods (11-7). The semifinals then gave the result of Threes vs Aquafina (12-10) and The Noodles vs Walking Buckets (6-11). After a highly animated set of games, the finals finally came and the sidelines grew in numbers. The final game concluded with the teams Threes vs Walking Buckets (12-15), making the Walking Buckets the champions of the night.

The winning team, the Walking Buckets

Member of the winning team, D’Angelo Bowie shared his motives on participating on the 3-on-3 tournament.

“It’s my Senior year, I’m going to miss college and I just want to participate a little more,”said Bowie.

Bowie is also a receiver for the WNMU Mustang Football team, and considers basketball as a hobby. For his winning jersey, he chose a jersey of the Cleveland Cavaliers, considering himself a big fan of the team and their jersey design.

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