Linzy and Lacy

Student Spotlight: Linzy and Lacy Granger

Silver City, NM- Linzy and Lacy Granger were originally going to be just another student spotlight interview. As the pair sat expectantly by the deli, waiting to be interviewed, one could see that despite being identical twins, they weren’t exactly two of a kind. Linzy sat at the edge of her seat, waiting expectantly and eagerly to answer any questions that might come her way; Lacy, on the other hand, reclined back in her chair and rested her feet on the table, relaxed and at ease.

As the interview began, the pair answered the usual questions. They are originally from Carlsbad, NM, and graduated from Carlsbad High School in 2013. Lacy is the older twin by about two minutes and both are proud members of WNMU’s Occupational Therapy Program. Lacy was inspired to study as an OTA after having a teammate who’s sister had cerebral palsy, while Linzy hopes to use her skills to help differently-abled people not be hindered by their disabilities and enjoy life.

Both came to WNMU to play softball in honor of a late friend. Linzy plays second base on the team, while Lacy plays third. Linzy was recently honored with an All-RMAC Pre-Season Second Baseman Award while Lacy spent most of the season on RMAC’s Top 5 Hardest Players to Tag Out. Linzy finished the season with 54 hits, while Lacy finished with 45. Both have been awarded RMAC Players of the Week on different occasions.

It wasn’t until they were asked about how they contrasted that the twins fully took over the interview. When jokingly asked which of the twins was “the mean one,” they both immediately pointed at the other. Lacy’s reasoning was that Linzy is far more strict and stern than she is, while Linzy stated that her sister simply doesn’t have a care in the world. They tried to resolve the issue by calling their teammate Bre Aker over and asking her to weigh in. Bre shrugged, smiled and said there really wasn’t a nice one, before quickly retreating to the safety of the Student Government Chambers.

Linzy admitted that she does have a far more aggressive, “winners” attitude when on the field, while Lacy’s “lack of caring” comes from her being more interested in just enjoying the game.

One fun fact that Lacy chose to share was Linzy’s absolute hatred of spaghetti, with Linzy agreeing. “If I were on a desert island and all there was to eat was spaghetti, I would starve.” Linzy said.

One food that the two can agree on is eggs, with Lacy telling a story of their younger days. “When we were kids, we used to eat eggs a lot, to the point where our mother said that we were going to end up laying eggs ourselves,” Lacy said, laughing. “One morning, while we slept, our mother hid hard boiled eggs in our beds and when we woke up, we were freaking out.”

After that tangent, the two discussed their proudest accomplishments during their time at Western. Linzy has been celebrating her recent election onto ASWNMU Student Senate for the coming year and says that she hopes to become a role model for other students. The achievement that Lacy takes the most pride in is becoming a starter on the softball team, something she hadn’t expected to happen until her senior year.

Softball season recently came to a conclusion this past weekend, and both girls agreed that this past season had been one of the best and that this year’s team was the best that they’d played on.

The twins also have a number of hidden talents and hobbies. When asked, Lacy declared her love of gardening, and enthusiastically pulled out her phone to show off pictures of the sunflowers that she had recently planted. “I like to see the results,” Lacy said, speaking of the sense of satisfaction she gets watching her plants grow. Linzy says that she really enjoys riding on her long-board, and has been looking for a new “long-boarding buddy” ever since her sister gave up the sport after a nasty fall. Linzy also practices yoga, saying that she likes how it tests her abilities.

Due to spending most of their lives together, the pair often finishes each other’s sentences, something they did throughout the interview. One of the most common questions they get is if they are actually psychic, which they answered with a definitive no.

In conclusion, Lacy stated that the two of them could be described in one simple way. “Linzy wears her retainer every night, and I don’t.”

The Granger twins recently wrapped up their third year on the WNMU softball team and will graduate next year from the OTA Program. Linzy Granger will begin her term as a Senator for the Associated Student of Western New Mexico University for the 2016-2017 school year after being sworn into office this coming Wednesday.

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