Sarita Reyes

Student Spotlight: Sarita Reyes

Silver City, NM- Sarita Reyes is almost through with her WNMU adventure, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice next May, but she’s left quite a trail of accomplishments behind her. The sister of WNMU alumni Alfredo Reyes and former ASWNMU President Edna Reyes, Sarita began her schooling in fall of 2012, determined to continue her siblings’ legacy.

“I followed in their steps,” Sarita said about her family. “They’re good role models.”

When Sarita began college, one of the first things she accomplished was bringing back the WNMU cheerleading club, which she served on until 2014, when a back injury caused her to retire.

She also serves as the President of MEChA de WNMU, the oldest organization on campus, and has served on the student senate for three and a half years before stepping down at the end of the semester.

“It’s going to hurt no longer helping students, but I felt that it’s time to grow up and start working.” Sarita said.

In August, Sarita launched her career at the Juvenile Probation & Parole office in Silver City after an internship earlier that summer. Though she originally wanted to be a state police officer, the internship gave Sarita the chance to help at-risk youth in Silver City get on the right track, an experience that changed her career path.

“I made an impact on their lives that will last forever.” Sarita said, commenting on her new career.

Though she’s sad to leave ASWNMU behind, she doesn’t feel that it’s an end; rather, it’s a new beginning.

“[Sarita] is one of the most caring and hardworking individuals I have ever known,” her sister Edna Reyes said. She went on to say that when Sarita promises she’ll help someone, she’ll do everything she can do it. Edna also said her sister refuses to accept that she can’t accomplish something, and never worries about “people pleasing.”

“I am very proud of the individual she has grown to be, and of the accomplishments she has obtained at such a young age,” Edna continued. “I know that she’s not done and that she will keep doing amazing things with her life.”

The love and support that the Reyes family has for Sarita is returned by her in full.

“Everything I’m doing is for my parents,” Sarita said. “I’m trying to be successful for them. Gracias papás!”

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