WNMU Golfers Invited to Play in Professional Tournament

Silver City, NM- Two members of the WNMU golf team, Pedro De La Vega and Gonzalo Pan De Soraluce, have been invited to play at a professional tournament in A Playa Del Carme, Cancun in the amateur leagues.

Pedro hails from Toluca, Mexico and has been playing golf since he was thirteen years old. He was inspired to learn the game after playing with his father. As he grew older, Pedro played in the AGVM junior tour across Mexico and attended the Greg Norman Golf Academy in Southern California. After attending the academy, Pedro contacted a number of different colleges before eventually coming to Western New Mexico University. Aside from playing golf, Pedro double-majors in Business Management and Business Administration. He’s currently in his sophomore year and hopes to eventually play golf professionally, though he is also willing to settle on a business career as a possible alternative.

Gonzalo hails from Madrid in Spain and has been playing golf for all of his life, with the sport running in his family. His grandfather played for the national team for Spain, participating in various world competitions according to Gonzalo. Gonzalo stated that he came to Western due to the the small student population and the nice weather. He currently studies business and marketing and after graduation also hopes to play golf professionally, while also continuing his studies as a backup plan.

The tournament in Cancun is the OHL Classic at Mayakoba and it was Gonzalo’s father, the CEO of OHL Desarrollos, or Developments, that gave both students the opportunity to participate as amateur-class golfers. Both students will retain their status as amateurs throughout the professional tournament and will continue to play for the WNMU Mustang Golf Team.

The OHL Classic at Mayakoba will be held from November 9 to November 12 at the Mayakoba Resort at A Playa Del Carmen, Cancun.

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