10 Ways to Jump Start Your New Year

  1. Clean Your Dorm Room

The first step to starting off your new year right is getting reorganized. Cleaning up your dorm room can help you to feel more relaxed and able to focus on studying for finals without drowning in the mess that is your dorm room. Start by making your bed, doing your laundry, cleaning up any surfaces, and putting away anything left out on your floor.

  1. Exercise and Healthy Living

For this one, do what works for you! If you’re someone who hates running and you’re forcing yourself to take a jog every morning, you probably won’t stick to it. Try something that makes you feel happy and motivated to do it!

  1. Get Your Life Together and Do Your Homework

The best start to getting good grades is doing your homework because it helps you study for exams by consistently checking that you understand the material, and homework is graded, so get it out of the way!

  1. Set New Goals for Yourself

Setting new goals for yourself can help you to move forward instead of continuing to remain in the same place. Make a list of new goals for yourself to reach for!

  1. Self Reflection and Growth

Self reflection is the key to being able to grow. Reflect on how you treat people and how you treat yourself. There is no harm in adding more kindness into your daily routine!

  1. Call Your Family

Checking in with your family or loved ones can help you to stay grounded throughout the stressful time that is finals and help you to be prepared for the new year. Call or visit your loved ones to show your appreciation and love for them.

  1. Get Back in Touch with Your Mustang Pride

Getting back in touch with your Mustang pride can help you to feel more connected with the community on campus. Attending campus events such as athletic games or joining a new club to get more involved is the perfect way to kick start the new year.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself with trying new experiencing and getting out of your comfort zone is another way to positively influence personal growth! Try to do something every day that scares you and you will have plenty of new experiences to tell stories about later!

  1. Connect with New People

Connecting with new people is another way to get out of your comfort zone and you can hopefully make new friends out of it! Try talking to someone new or say hello to someone you’ve never talked to before in the halls!

  1. Practice Self Love

Loving yourself can help you to feel happy and more confident in your self worth. The more you love yourself, the better you are at showing love to others! Build your self esteem by practicing self love. Start with thinking about three thinks you like about yourself everyday and grow from there.

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Eve Thomas is the editor of The Mustang. She loves to write and is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Political Science.