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Great Race 50: C’s Get Degrees Have the Speed

Silver City, N.M. – C’s Get Degrees took home the crown in this year’s Who’s Got the Speed? Great Race Event as they were able to outscore four other teams.

C’s Get Degrees

The teams had to push their cart about 50 yards on College Avenue. Instead of having to go uphill as in Tuesday’s King of the Mountain race, this race was on a level surface. With only one attempt for a run, the rules included having eight participants, five males and three females. Teams must also have three switch offs and everyone must touch the cart in order not to be disqualified.

C’s Get Degrees started off first and came away with the best score, 16.76.

Little Rascals followed next and placed a score that would be second best, 16.93.

Little Rascals

Times began to drop lower in each run as Kash Kings earned an 18.02; Misfits, 19.46; and Pirates, 20.30.

Kash Kings

“We did good for not having anyone show up,” said one C’s Get Degrees member, “but we’re able to beat the Little Rascals…stay average.”

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