Great Race 50: Teams Compete in Field Day

Silver City, N.M.- The sun was out in full swing as field day for Great Race 50 took place at Old James Stadium. The six teams competed in several featured activities such as a gender role play relay race, tug of war, and dodgeball.

The first activity was A Mile in Her Shoes, sponsored by The Center for Gender Equity. It was a race against other competitors to see who had the fastest time while stumbling around in the grass with a pair of high heels on while accumulating objects that women encounter in almost every day life such as a purse, lipstick, a laundry basket, and a cell phone. Plan B ended up with the fastest time coming in at 1 minute and 33 seconds.

Then there was tug of war, with C’s and Little Rascals taking over the competition completely, displaying the athleticism their teams have.IMG_1826

Finally, there was dodgeball where the tension and heat was brought by Plan B in the final seconds up against the Little Rascals. Kathleen Pena was the last woman standing against a Little Rascal when he threw the ball at her and missed. She then took the opportunity to strike, and knocked him out of the game to roaring screams from everyone watching around.

Field day was a wild and fun time for all who were involved, and as of last night, Little Rascals and C’s Get Degrees were tied for first place when the third day of Great Race 50 came to a close.

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