Candidates for ASWNMU Elections

Silver City, NM- Elections for next years Associated Students of Western New Mexico University officially start today. Below are the candidates and each position they are running for. Campaigns last until the end of the week, followed by a panel on Monday, April 16th at 6:30. Elections will be held next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Executive Officers
Tim Stillman                            President
Dylan Kester                            Vice-President
Clarissa Moreno                      Treasurer
Jill R. Smith                              Secretary
Brenda Hernandez                  Secretary

Darlene Chavez
Estrella Sicarios
Christine Roerick
Kelli McGhiey
Megan Looney
Amy Farfan
Carolyn Castillo
Victoria Arganda
Christian Steele
Alejandro Gonzalez
Sam Ruston
Jayden Jones
Jeffrey Arrignton
Harry O’Callaghan
Christopher Rose
Larun Witty
Troy Hall
Elizabeth Sorells
Gabriel Atencio
Lucas Hechler
Chloe Mydlowski
Karina Diaz

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