Brenda Hernandez Runs for ASWNMU Executive Secretary

Silver City, NM- Cross-Country Athlete and Student Worker Brenda Hernandez is throwing her hat into the ring and campaigning for the Executive Secretary position of the Associated Students of Western New Mexico University.

Born in Toluca, Mexico, raised in San Diego, California, and currently a Sophomore, Brenda has spent the past two years on campus as a student athlete on the WNMU Cross Country team and continues to work in the WNMU Purchasing Office. Through the purchasing office, Brenda states she gained valuable experience in professionalism, writing and communication, all of which are critical to the Executive Secretary position. As an athlete, Brenda has experience as a student leader, as well as serving as a public face for the University.

Brenda feels prepared for the new task being a voice for the students.

“I want to serve as a link between the administration and the students,” Brenda said. “I want to be part of a positive change and encourage students to speak out.”

Brenda states that her biggest strengths are her optimism and her fearlessness when it comes to embracing change, citing that the University itself is going through numerous changes. She says that these strengths will help her in being a powerful voice for the students.

ASWNMU will be holding a panel at a NEW TIME this coming Monday. Candidates for ASWNMU will be questioned at 7 pm at the Miller Library.

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