Black History Art Contest open for student contributions

The Department of Student Life is hosting an art contest to celebrate Black History Month. Any student can participate in this event. Students must submit their art submissions by February 13. The exhibit will open on February 14 in Miller Library. Contest submissions can include photography, fine art, digital art, and creative writing. Winners will be announced based on votes. WNMU students, staff, or community will have the opportunity to vote throughout the time the art is displayed. The chance to vote will end on February 28. The Department of Student Life will count the number of votes, and the one with the majority is the winner.

The Mustang Newspaper Staff interviewed Francisco Estrella, a work-study of the Department of Student Life. He helped create the Black History Art Contest event.

Q: Why did you create the Black History Month Contest?
A: I created the Black History Month art contest to have students engage and express their perspective to other students on what Black History Month represents. I wanted to create an event that made students feel like they had a say in something as crucial as this month.

Q: How will Student Life announce the winner of the event?
A: The announcement will be via email on February 28.

Q: What will the prize be for the winner?
A: The prize is a surprise!

Q: Why is it important for people to keep celebrating Black History Month?
A: Celebrating Black History Month is very important because this month is dedicated to a special group of people and allows those that do not know about their culture to celebrate and understand what their culture is. Not only is celebrating Black History month important, but all races are important. Diversity is important.

Art submissions can be turned in at Student Life or emailed to For more information, contact the Department of Student Life at (575) 538 6139 or visit their office located in the Brancheau PE Complex.


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