The Editor’s Top 5 Things to Watch on Halloween

Roxy Diaz as Wednesday Addams

Halloween is in two weeks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it matters much, at least not these days. When I was a younger, Halloween felt much more like a season. I always enjoyed it; the TV specials, the candy, the overall creep-factor, it was wonderful. These days it seems that the season has been compacted into

Glam Week Presents: Las Cafeteras Live!


Glam Week was sent off with a bang. Not just any kind of bang though, but rather the banging of feet from the zapateado (tap dancing) and Latin alternative sound that Las Cafeteras brought to the Light Hall stage on Thursday evening. The two hour plus show was full of energetic singing and dancing, advocating

Homecoming 2016: Mustang Entertainment Presents: Powderpuff Game


Silver City, NM – Last night, Mustang Entertainment hosted their annual Powderpuff Game at Old James Stadium. The football game was between teams Purple and Gold with flag football substituting for the usual tackle football. Both teams held only female WNMU students in a six-on-six contest. After winning the toss, Purple elected to defend first,

Fourth Annual Polynesian Night Offers Unique Food and Fun for WNMU


Silver City, NM- On Saturday, students and community members were invited to go on an adventure through the five islands that make up Polynesia. Among these islands include Hawaii, American Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand. These islands have a culture descended from the indigenous people of Polynesia that share quite a few things in

Great Race 49: Mustang Entertainment Presents: Lloyd in Concert


Silver City, NM- Towards the end of the week for Great Race 49 this year, WNMU students were given the unique opportunity to see a notable name in concert at Silver City that gave flashbacks of middle school years and the music that was played at school dances. The name was none other than Lloyd.

‘untitled unmastered.’ by Kendrick Lamar: A Mustang Review


Disclaimer: Explicit lyrics are included in this article, as the album is explicit as well. After all of his recent Grammy wins, Kendrick Lamar is at the top of his game right now both critically and commercially.But lyrically, he is still crushing everyone in his way while staying awake to the social movements that he

Marketing Club Presents: Lip Sync Battle

softball team

Silver City, NM-It looks like “lip-sync fever” is here to stay. This lively and free event, held by WNMU’s own Marketing Club in a packed Light Hall theater, was a delight for students who enjoyed seeing their peers having fun up on stage as characters from widely loved groups and lip syncing to their favorite

‘Death of a Bachelor’ by Panic! At the Disco: A Mustang Review


The most recent album from Panic! at the Disco is entitled, “Death of a Bachelor.” It is their fifth studio album, and the first one to reach #1 on the Billboard 200 best-selling charts. But there is also a unique factor about this particular album. The band that started out as four is now only