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Editorial: The Mustang Goes on Vacation

I’ve always thought that summer was a season that was meant for relaxing and enjoying some time off. After a year of trying to juggle a full load of college classes as well as maintaining an online publication, I saw the approaching summer as a good opportunity to take some time off and relax. So far it’s been nice, nothing but barbeques and cookouts with some possible traveling this July.

However, I soon found out that I was part of a minority of students that DO NOT take classes during the summer months. So while other students have elected to spend their summer in the classroom, I’ve chosen to simply take a break, and because I’m not on campus this summer, I feel that it’s only fitting that the Mustang leaves campus as well.

This month, The Mustang will go beyond the halls of Western New Mexico University and head off into New Mexico itself. While we’ll still be predominantly a publication aimed at the goings on around the University, the majority of the stories we’ll publish this month won’t be linked to the college at all. Instead we will be running features on young people who are currently doing extraordinary things, the only thing linking them being that they are all New Mexico natives.

This issue will still be a bit smaller compared to our releases during the Fall and Spring semesters with only a few articles released throughout the next few months, but rest assured that the Mustang will continue to give you new content over the summer and that students will have plenty to read while procrastinating on the summer classes that they wish they hadn’t taken.

Regardless on whether you’re spending the next few months vacationing or studying, I hope that everyone enjoys their summer and makes the most of it.

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