Las Cruces Bookstores Donate Books to Newly Created “Campus Library” at WNMU Deming

Deming, NM- The Deming Branch of Western New Mexico University has recently created a “campus library” called “Take a Book and/or Leave a Book” in an effort to encourage reading for pleasure to students and their families.

Kenneth Leupold, director of the Deming branch, has set up a number of bookshelves in various locations in the building.  Those shelves contain books covering a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction subjects for adults and children.  Many of the shelves are in areas with seating so that students who are waiting for a class or meeting to begin may relax and enjoy a book while they wait.  Readers are encouraged to take the book home with them so that they can continue to read it.

Several hundred books have been donated by COAS Bookstores of Las Cruces to help get the program started. Students and staff who have books at home that they have finished reading are encouraged to place those books on the shelves so that others may enjoy them. It is hoped that children’s books on the shelves will help young family members to develop an interest in, and life-long love, of reading.

This press release was written by Ray Jurisic

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