Great Race 2018 – Spartan Race

20180417_203459Silver City, NM – Great Race kicks off their third event of the week with the exhilarating Spartan Race, an obstacle course focusing on speed. Hosted by Mustang Entertainment and The Center for Gender Equity, the obstacle race begins with the contestants slipping on women’s high heels and lipstick, before (literally) running errands such as hanging clothes and going shopping—all while holding a baby, a newborn bag of flour wrapped in a blanket.

The players then, tagged a different team member to continue the second part of the race, which focused more on athletic activities such as burpees, pushing a giant tire, and running up and down the stairs of Old James Stadium.

20180417_174242Bomb Squad kicked off the game and finished off with 5 minutes and 16 seconds. Following was Party Krashers with a time of 4 min and 18 seconds. C’s get Degrees with a 3 min and 39 sec time, Plan B with 3 minutes and 27 seconds and finally the Lil Rascals taking 4 minutes to complete the race. Which leaves Plan B with the victorious first place.

The next Great Race events happening on April 18th consist of High Noon Lunch at the Christian Challenge at 12 pm and the Powderpuff game at 6 pm at Old James Stadium.

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